Welcome to St Cuthbert's Society (Ushaw)

Chris Seddon, Chairman of St. Cuthbert’s Society, writes:

A very warm welcome to St. Cuthbert’s Society members who have signed-up for the members’ area of the website.

The closure of the Seminary brings new challenges and new opportunities. However, it is intended that the Society maintains its original object of forming a centre of union for the alumni and friends of Ushaw.

To assist in that object we have launched this members’ area of the website. It allows members to communicate with each other and post observations, queries, comments and suggestions. Photographs and video clips can be uploaded, showing current activities or recalling past events. There is also a facility to create a “Group” of members, for example those of a particular School, to share information of special interest to that group.

It is intended that news of developments relating to Ushaw will be posted on the site, with opportunity for reflection and discussion.

Please visit the site on a regular basis and participate where possible. Encourage others to join, if they have not already done so. Together we can ensure that the Society has a vibrant and successful future.

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